The Brighton Chapter will be giving a  Cutlass demonstration Skirmish match to celebrate 21 years of the salle.
The West Hill Hall -  Compton Avenue, BN!1 3PS.
Sunday the 19th of March.
Doors open 2.30pm.

£10 entrance.


All profits to go to Don't Urbanise The Downs.


A cracking article from The Bend Source Weekly about The 1595 Local chapter.

January 28th 2023


Demonstration by the Milano salle.

 March 4th & 5th 2023

Steph Holt will teaching at The Kings Of The North . 

September 10th & 11th.


We celebrated the club's 20th anniversary with our annual International Gathering of the salles, in Arona, Italy.


We had attendees from the UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain, the USA and New Zealand.
A huge thank you to George, Luca, Sara and all from the Milan salle for organizing such a wonderful event.


And congratulations to Sara Benatti, Luca Tarenzi, Ryan Oliver, Derek Steel Baron, Eddie Laposi and Michele Febbraioli on becoming Free Scholars of The 1595 Club.

EVENT - 1595 Club Milano


Saturday 19th November 2022.



 led by Chris Chatfield.


Via Giovanni Dupre, 12, 20155. Milano.


For more information contact George


Facebook page -

29th - 30th October


Frascati (Roma) Italia.


Our very own, Mr Jamie Steele will be teaching military rapier in Frascati at the  2nd MARTIALA HEMA TOURNAMENT.



The Milan 1595 will be running a 10 week beginners' course, starting on the 11th January 2023.

Wednesdays - 20:00 - 22:00.

150 euros for the course.

Contact George at the Milan salle to book a place.